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Wide Chest of Drawers-Four over Three

Two over Three Chest of Drawers

This Wide Chest of Drawers has a four over three layout with drawers that graduate in size. This version was 48 inches (122cm) wide by 46 inches (117cm) high.

The image above shows a Mahogany Stain B finish, which is a medium colouring, a Double Beaded detailing on the drawer fronts. These options matched in with the other items of bedroom furniture the customer had chosen. The cut-out detail on the plinth of the chest was also mirrored on the bedside cabinets in the bedroom.

We can make this chest in both ash and oak, stained to suit your needs. The drawer fronts can also be altered to compliment other furniture in the bedroom. Our standard options, in addition to the Double Beading, are a Single Beading (top and bottom edge) or Raised Fielded. The plinth below the drawers can also be left solid, if preferred, or finished with a different cut-out detail (of which options can be emailed through for consideration).

This option provides plenty of storage but the chest cannot be broken down;this may be a concern if access to the room is a problem. We would ask that you check this when considering what size will be most appropriate, as we cannot break it down on delivery. If this chest of drawers is too big then it may be worth considering one, or a pair, of the smaller designs we offer, with fewer drawers.

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